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My Little PonyEquestria Girls – Spring.

v • d • e Friendship is Magic, part 1 • Friendship is Magic, part 2 • The Ticket Master • Applebuck Season • Griffon the Brush Off • Boast Busters • Dragonshy • Look Before You Sleep • Bridle Gossip • Swarm of the Century • Winter Wrap Up • Call of the Cutie • Fall Weather Friends • Suited For. This My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Spring Breakdown is uses content from Wikipedia. Credit for the content goes to the editors of the source page, which can be viewed under the pages "History" section. The text of Wikipedia is available under CC-BY-SA and the GFDL. 01.04.2019 · Pls like and subscribe!!!. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Hasbro has completed uploading Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown to Youtube. It is split into 6 segments in all, covering the entire movie. Get it down below, including a playlist. [1] Source Spring Breakdown Part 1: “Bon Voyage” MLP: Equestria Girls Season 2 by My Little Pony Official.

Sprache: Deutsch Noch nicht verfügbar. Sprache: Englisch Danke an MrX für die Unterstützung bei dem Special! Your browser does not support the video tag. Main category: Sunset Shimmer images Equestria Girls. This gallery serves as an index. Click on a caption to browse the corresponding image gallery.

“Just because we’re superheroes, that’s no excuse for not being safe on a sinking ship. Always wear your lifejackets and even you can be an Equestria Girl, too.” So at the 39 minute mark of this 44 minute special, we finally have them being useful. Well with this and no real villain to fight, this really is turning into a DCU movie. Biblioteca MLP. Biblioteca MLP. Comics. Comics. Programación. Programación. Media. Media. Juegos Música Música de la serie Música Brony. Fandom. Fandom. Staff. Staff. Soporte. Especial Equestria Girls " Spring Breakdown" en latino Por Archooves [Editar entrada] Este fin de semana se estreno en la señal de Discovery Kids el mas reciente especial de Equestria girls en espalo, véanlo. We've got another 44 minute Equestria Girls special this morning for all of you out there clamoring for more humanized horses. The synopsis for it is over here. A reminder for all you Equestria Girls fans out there! The Spring Breakdown 44 minute special airs tomorrow. As always, we will have a morning celebration post up with stream parties happening around the fandom. It looks like a few people plan to show it off.

Fans of Sunset and the other characters of the Equestria Girls universe have something to look forward to at the end of March. Discovery Family have released their March 2019 Highlights which contained the announcement that the Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown special will air on March 30 at 11:30am Eastern Time on Discovery Family. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Spring Breakdown is an animated fantasy television special directed by Ishi Rudell and Katrina Hadley, and written by Nick Confalone. It is the third one-hour special. MLP-VectorClub; Curious Pony Guest. Welcome! Sign in Join Discord. Movie rating. Nopony voted yet. How would you rate the movie? Sign in above to cast your vote! Live updates enabled. Changes to posts on this page are visible to you in real time. / Show / Movies, Shorts & Specials / Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown. Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown. Vector Requests & Reservations. What.

Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown DECENT. On one hand, Rainbow's antics got on my nerves slightly and the ending to the conflict was a little abrupt. Not to mention the first half of the special was sooooo slow. Fortunately though, there were enough good jokes that kept the first half from being a complete drag. And the story got more. 31.03.2019 · “Spring Breakdown” is the usual bollocks you expect from Equestria Girls. Its autotuned shit-pop songs and stupid instances of characters acting out-of-character are out in full-force, washing over audiences like a gross wave in a spring break swimming pool where the piss-to-water ratio has fallen to dangerous levels. All Good is a song featured in the Equestria Girls special My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown, sung by the Rainbooms. According to co-director Katrina Hadley, a full version of the song exists. References ↑ Nick Confalone 2019-04-02. Side note-- is there a link to the All Good.

  1. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Spring Breakdown is a 2019 Canadian–American Flash animated one-hour television special based on Hasbro's My Little Pony: Equestria Girls toyline and media franchise, which is a spin-off of the 2010 relaunch of Hasbro's My Little Pony toyline.
  2. Directed by Ishi Rudell, Katrina Hadley. With Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Rebecca Shoichet, Tabitha St. Germain. The Equestria Girls spend their spring break on a yacht.

Hola amigos bronys y pegasister, como sabrán hace poco se estreno el especial de Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown, y gracias a nuestros amigos de @MyLittlePonyLatinoamerica que han subtitulado el especial, hoy se los podemos traer. sin nada mas que decir les dejo el especial. 05.04.2019 · فتيات اكوستريا انهيار الربيع مترجم - Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown مترجم / Arabic. Need For Ponies n'est en aucun cas associé à Hasbro ou tout auteur de la série My Little Pony Friendship is Magic et ses dérivées. “Spring Breakdown” MLP: Equestria Girls the-incognito-brony. Follow. Unfollow. mlp mlp fim my little pony my little pony friendship is magic mlp friendship is magic applejack rainbow dash appledash applejack x rainbow dash rainbowjack rainbow dash x applejack equestria mlp eg mlp equestria girls my little pony equestria girls sunset shimmer pinkie pie mlp ship spring breakdown element. The Equestria Girls and Guys go on a cruise for the spring break hoping for a peaceful time. However, they get a little more than what they had wanted. If you don't like it, please tell me why so I can try and improve it. The cover pictures aren’t mine. I just put the pictures together. More Less.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Pânico nas Férias My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Spring Breakdown na versão original é uma série animada como especial de televisão estadunidense e canadense de 2019, baseado na franquia do mesmo nome, da websérie Digital Series e um spin-off da série animada de My Little Pony: A Amizade É. 27.03.2019 · EG - Rarity Spring Breakdown 876 40 10K 13 Today By charlieXe Watch. Published: March 27, 2019. Visual Art Fan Art Digital Art. equestria_girls_rarity equestria_girls_forgotten_friendship mylittlepony rarity equestria my_little_pony mlpmylittlepony mylittleponymlp mylittleponyfriendshipismagic equestriadaily equestriagirls. The wiki contains detailed information about the narrative of the franchise – spoilers. Readers are encouraged to experience the original works before browsing the wiki. equestria girls; rainbow rocks; friendship games; legend of everfree; my little pony le film; extras. chansons; bonus officiels; mashup films; vidÉos fandom; prods francophones; comics. sÉrie principale; annual comics; micro-series; friends forever; fiendship is magic; legends of magic; the movie prequel; divers; livres; retro mlp. mon petit.

“Spring Breakdown” MLP: Equestria Girls🌸🌊🛥. We’ve seen Pinkie Pie breaking the fourth wall in both MLP.FIM and Equestria Girls a hell of a lot, which makes me believe that Pinkie knows and understands that she’s inside of a TV show. Mind you, doesn't make RoF better, but definately this is not to watch again. Give me Friendship Games and Forgotten Friendship anytime, and also the first Equestria Girls. I don't mind the first part of Magical Movie Night, Dance Magic, and neither Legend of Everfree. Spring Breakdown. sucked, to put it. MLP Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown 12. Comments 0. MLP Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown. MLP EQG Season 2 Spring Breakdown part Name. Wakko2010. 0. 5. MLP EQG Season 2 Spring Breakdown Moments 11. Wakko2010. 4. 19. MLP EQG Season 2 Spring Breakdown Moments 10. Wakko2010. 9. 60. MLP EQG Season 2 Spring Breakdown Moments 9. Wakko2010. 0. 16. MLP EQG Season 2 Spring Breakdown.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown TV Movie 2019 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. MLP CCG Wiki; MLP Gameloft Wiki; Recent blog posts Collaborate. Article workshop Core wiki activity Contact an administrator. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown. Distance view of the Rainbooms' stage EGSB.png. Twilight Sparkle pacing right EGSB.png. Sunset Shimmer tuning her guitar EGSB.png. Twilight and Sunset glance at their friends EGSB.png. Twilight Sparkle "what hijinks.

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